Evans named to Lyndon SWA post

Evans named to Lyndon SWA post

LYNDON CENTER, Vt. — The Lyndon Athletic department has named Alex Evans to the position of Senior Women's Administrator effective immediately.

Evans, who is currently employed as the institution's Strength and Conditioning Coach/Fitness Facility Coordinator, is a 2001 graduate of Norwich University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine. She also received a Master of Education in Applied Exercise Science: Strength and Conditioning degree from Springfield College in 2005.

 "Alex will be a wonderful addition to our athletic department administration," said Lyndon Director of Athletic Chris Ummer. "She is a very bright and passionate person who will bring new direction to this position. I speak for the department and school when I say we're both lucky and thrilled to have her in this role."

The role of the Senior Women's Administrator is to encourages and promote the involvement of female administrators in meaningful ways in the decision-making process within intercollegiate athletics. The designation is intended to enhance representation of female experience and perspective at the institutional, conference and national levels and support women's interests.

Areas of involvement include becoming a member of the senior management team and a key decision-maker directly involved with the athletics department. The SWA also is a management team member who collaboratively addresses department goals and supports and manages gender equity and Title IX matters.

She is an advocate of issues important to female and male student-athletes, as well as coaches and staff, and is an educator on issues concerning both men and women. The SWA is seen as a role model and resource for students, coaches, administrators and others within the athletic department.

As an administrator, her responsibilities also include assisting student-athletes in balancing academics and athletics and being involved with the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act Report.

"This is certainly quite an honor," said Evans. "I'm excite about playing an important role in the department and I hope I can rise to the occasion when it comes to the many challenges I will face. My initial plan is to look into the position further and speak with other SWAs to see how they perform their jobs. I am looking forward to helping the department grow by bringing in new ideas and play a significant role in developing pride in Lyndon Athletics."

In addition to her adjunct teaching experiences at Springfield and Bay Path Colleges, Evans has also held the position of Assistant Strength and Conditioning at both Marquette and Yale Universities.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, she holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).