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NVU-Lyndon Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Staff

Megan Barnes, Head Athletic Trainer

Chantal Jean, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Dr. Andrew Chen, Team Orthopedic Surgeon

Virginia Mike, Certified Physician Assistant


Participation Requirements

All returning and new student athletes must complete all of the medical components of the NVU-Lyndon Requirements for Athletic Participation prior to practicing or competing.  Athletes who have been removed from participation due to injury or illness must be cleared by the presiding medical authority prior to returning to practice or competition.


Sickle Cell Information

NVU-Lyndon Sickle Cell Policy

Sickle Cell Testing Information

NCAA Sickle Cell Trait Information


Health, Safety, & Wellness Resources

NVU-Lyndon Concussion Protocol

Concussion Fact Sheet

NCAA Concussion Protocol Management

Drug Testing

Heat and Hydration

Dietary Supplements

Sports Heart Health

USADA Sports Nutrition Guide