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Compliance Checklist for All NVU-Lyndon Student Athletes

For additional information, see the Requirements for Athletic Participation.

Medical Clearance

Contact:  Head Athletic Trainer Megan Barnes or Assistant Athletic Trainer Chantal Jean)

  • Physical Exam (first time participants only)
  • Sickle Cell Trait test results or letter from physician (first time participants only)
  • Insurance Card –front and back
  • Sportsware – create or update
  • Medical Screening with Athletic Training Staff
  • IMPACT Testing (sport specific)
  • Satisfy all Northern Vermont University medical requirements


Academic Clearance

Contact:  Interim Athletic Director Kate Roy

  • Full Time Student (12 credits)
  • Earn at least 12 credits per semester
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA 
  • Study Hall 6hrs/wk (Freshman and those with GPA under 2.5)
  • Transfer student questionnaire and tracer received*
  • Communicate professionally and early with professors about class conflicts


NCAA & NVU-Lyndon Clearance

Contact:  Interim Athletic Director Kate Roy

  • Attend NCAA Compliance meeting
  • Complete and sign all NCAA & NVU-Lyndon compliance forms through
  • Comply with the summary of regulations
    • Ethical conduct, sports wagering, banned substances
    • financial aid, extra benefits, amateurism, recruitment
    • 10 semesters/4 seasons of participation, delayed enrollment
  • Comply with NVU-Lyndon Athletic policies
    • Code of conduct, anti-hazing, meal money, break housing, 


General Student Clearance

Contact:  Student Services Office, Vail 348 and/or Office of Student Life, Rita Bole Complex

  • Satisfy all Northern Vermont University student services and residential life requirements