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NVU-Lyndon Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Constitution


The name of this organization shall be the Northern Vermont University-Lyndon Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (NUV-Lyndon SAAC).


The purpose of this club is to act as a liaison between the NVU-Lyndon Athletic Department and student-athletes; to enhance the overall experience of student-athletes; to promote involvement of student-athletes in the campus and local communities; and to serve as the voice of NVU-Lyndon student-athletes.


  • Membership is open to all varsity student-athletes in good standing in their sophomore, junior or senior year.
  • Each team is required to appoint at least two representatives.
    • If more than two members wish to participate, the coach and/or team will nominate two members to hold voting privileges.
    • Consistent with all applicable federal and state laws, and Northern Vermont University policies, the NVU-Lyndon SAAC and its subordinate bodies and officers shall not discriminate for or against anyone on the basis of race, gender, religion, culture or sexual orientation.


The Executive Board of the LSC SAAC shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

  1. All active voting members of the organization are eligible to run for an Executive Board position.
  2. Executive Board members, elected in April will serve a term of August – May for the following academic year.
  3. Elections will be held annually at the end of the spring semester.
  4. In case of a tie, there will be a re-vote. If the tie persists, the Advisor will make the final determination.
  5. Filling a vacant position shall be as follows:
    • a. Nominations and Volunteers will be taken from the body.
    • b. The voting body will elect a member from the nominations.


NVU-Lyndon Student-Athlete Advisory Committee By-Laws


  1. To act as a liaison between the NVU-Lyndon athletic department and student-athletes.
  2. To enhance the overall student-athlete experience.
  3. To promote involvement of student-athletes in the campus and local communities.
  4. To serve as the voice of the student-athletes.


The membership of NVU-Lyndon SAAC will be made up of two representatives from each of the varsity teams.

  • If more than two athletes from each team would like to participate the coach and/or team will nominate two members who will be voting members. More than two athletes may attend meetings; however, only two will be voting members.

Membership Requirements

  1. Required attendance at all SAAC meetings and participation in a minimum of two SAAC events.
  2. SAAC members shall report back to their teams after each meeting with news and updates. SAAC members will solicit feedback and concerns from their respective teams for discussion and/or resolution by the NVU-Lyndon SAAC.
  3. SAAC members are responsible for submission of activities towards the Hornet Challenge.
  4. Represent your team positively and with pride, uphold athletic department student-athlete expectations and code of conduct, and be a role model for the NVU-Lyndon community.
  5. SAAC reps will come to meetings prepared to record notes and report to the group.

Attendance Policy

  • SAAC members from each varsity athletic team are required to attend all SAAC meetings.  If a SAAC member is unable to attend they must find a temporary replacement and notify the president and advisor prior to the meeting.
  • Excused absences are allowed for games and practices only.
  • Improper attendance will lead to a deduction of points in the annual Hornet Challenge.

Executive Committee

  1. All members of the executive board will be voted on at the end of each year to serve the following year.
  2. All of the members of the executive board will serve one-year terms but may be re-elected each year.
  3. The positions will be as follows.
    • President: lead meetings, ensure completion of projects, work with the advisor on general committee organization and to set meeting agendas.
    • Vice-President: Assist with general committee organization and lead meetings in the absence of the President.
    • Secretary: Record and distribute detailed meeting minutes.
    • Treasurer: Record and maintain financial records of the club and work with the advisor to collect and maintain funds.


  1. Group meetings will be held at least once per month, more if necessary.
  2. Meetings will be held to discuss events, functions, athletic events, fundraising opportunities and any other issue regarding the student-athlete body.
  3. In order to pass motions regarding NVU-Lyndon SAAC, a majority of present voting SAAC members is required.
  4. When making decisions regarding spending SAAC funds, two-thirds of present voting SAAC members is required.
  5. Roberts Rules of Order will apply.
  6. If the SAAC secretary is unable to attend a meeting, a member will be appointed to record and distribute detailed meeting minutes.


  1. All committees will be filled by NVU-Lyndon SAAC members (not necessarily voting members).
  2. Nominations/Volunteers for committees will take place at the first meeting of the academic year and positions will be held for one academic year (August- May).
  3. Committees and Sub-committees will meet as needed, outside the group meeting time, and report progress to the group at each meeting.
  4. The standing committees will be as follows:
    1. Special Olympics
    2. Community Service
    3. Fundraising
    4. PR/Media


Annual awards will be presented at the spring banquet. Voting will occur at a spring meeting:

  1. NVU-Lyndon Coach of the Year
  2. NVU-Lyndon Hornet Fan of the Year