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Women's Basketball 2017-18

Height Hometown/High School Major
No.: 1 Gabrielle Foy full bio Gabrielle Foy Position: Guard Height: 5'6" Class: Senior Hometown/High School: Wilton, ME / Mt. Blue Major: Sports Management
No.: 2 Megan Johnston full bio Megan Johnston Position: Guard Height: 5'4" Class: Freshman Hometown/High School: Concord, NH / Merrimack Valley Major: Explorations
No.: 4 Cecilia Chamul full bio Cecilia Chamul Position: Guard Height: 5'2" Class: Junior Hometown/High School: Concord, VT / Danville Major: Applied Psychology & Human Services/Criminal Justice
No.: 5 Faith Poirier full bio Faith Poirier Position: Guard Height: 5'7" Class: Freshman Hometown/High School: Portsmouth, NH / Portsmouth Major: Elementary Education
No.: 10 Victoria Carlson full bio Victoria Carlson Position: Guard Height: 4'11" Class: Junior Hometown/High School: East Haven, CT / East Haven Major: Electronic Journalism
No.: 11 Abby Salvadore full bio Abby Salvadore Position: Forward Height: 5'7" Class: Junior Hometown/High School: Portsmouth, NH / Portsmouth Major: Exercise Science / Mathematics
No.: 20 Alissa Mitchell full bio Alissa Mitchell Position: Forward Height: 5'10" Class: Sophomore Hometown/High School: Milton, NH / Nute Major: Sport Management
No.: 22 Kelsey Jacobs full bio Kelsey Jacobs Position: Forward Height: 5'7" Class: Sophomore Hometown/High School: Braintree, VT / Randolph Union Major: Criminal Justice/Biology
No.: 24 Alisha Celley full bio Alisha Celley Position: Center Height: 6'0" Class: Freshman Hometown/High School: Cabot, VT / Cabot Major: Exercise Science
No.: 32 Alexis Britch full bio Alexis Britch Position: Guard Height: 5'6" Class: Junior Hometown/High School: Essex Junction, VT / Essex Major: Criminal Justice
No.: 34 Mikayla Hodge full bio Mikayla Hodge Position: Center Height: 6'1" Class: Senior Hometown/High School: Newbury, VT / Oxbow Major: Sport Management